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Pierre Gérard (Fr)


Co-founder - Jamendo

Cofounder and Sales Manager of Jamendo
Born in 1966, he received a Master's degree in IT from the University of Metz in 1989.
Pierre GERARD started in Luxembourg at BIL (now DEXIA) in 1991 as a consultant working on different applications for the dealing room.
From 1993 to 1995, he has leaded several projects in banks and European administration.
At the end of 1995, he joined Reuters Luxembourg and was promoted Senior Consultant in the Risk Management Team.  
In 2000, Pierre GERARD co-founded NEOFACTO, a software services company based in Luxembourg.
As proof of concept and capabilities, NEOFACTO develops software and started www.lesfrontaliers.lu
a popular website dedicated to the cross-border commuters community of Luxembourg.
www.lesfrontaliers.lu is one of the most popular Internet portal in Luxembourg with more than 25.000 members and has a monthly average score of 170.000 visits.
In 2004, Pierre created jamendo.com (as a co-founder), a website allowing artists to publish their musics under creative commons.

2007 : Mangrove Capital Partners invests in Jamendo
2008 : Jamendo PRO is launched
2010 : MusicMatic enters Jamendo capital at the rate of 65%
2011 : Jamendo hosts 300,000 tracks, 36,000 artists and 1 million members


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